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War Memorial
A memorial, also known as ‘Victory at Sea’, dedicated to the great soldiers who sacrificed their lives to the cause of national integrity and border protection, renowned as War memorial is located in Vizag on the left of the beach road and facing the submarine museum. This memorial is established to commemorate the victory on 1971 at the sea Indo Pak war. Many war related materials are displayed here, including a fighter plane, missiles, few bombs and a tank.
Matsyadarshini Aquarium
A beautiful aquarium with nearly 20 medium and large sized tanks displaying the fresh water and marine fish and water animal species, is setup and run by Visakhapatnam Municipal Corporation. The Aquarium was established on the shore of Ramakrishna beach. The Aquarium, established on the shore of Ramakrishna beach, has many marine varieties include the long horn cow fish, butterfly fishes, surgeon major, peacock wrasse and many more.
Borra Caves
Borra Caves is highly renowned for its attractive stalactite and stalagmite formations and is located at 1400 meter above sea level in Anantagiri area of Visakhapatnam. Bearing archaeological importance, the Borra Caves have historical and religious significance also. In 1807, William King George of the Geological Survey of India discovered some Paleolithic implements assumed to be a million years old.
Buddhist Excavations
Bhavi Konda, Thotla Konda, Bojjana Konda, and Salihundam located around Visakhapatnam were places of Buddhist excavations. These were hamlets of Buddhism during the second century AD. Excavation during 1906 in these places brought out many Buddhist monuments such as stupas and chaityas. It is believed that some of the corporal remnants of the Buddha were conserved at these sacred Buddhist places.
Araku Valley
Blessed with enchanting streams, beautiful waterfalls, wealthy landscape and lovely weather, Araku valley that is placed at a height of 3100 feet in the effluent hills of Anatagiri, is a scenic hill station near Vizag in Andhra Pradesh. Renowned for the inhabitance of 17 tribal societies, Araku attracts many environmentalists, nature lovers and tourists. Dhimsa dance with colourful costumes and rich cultural performances accompanied with rhythmic pleasing songs is very popular.
Bheemunipatnam Beach
The calm and serene Bheemunipatnam Beach is located at the confluence of Gosthani River and the Bay of Bengal. Bheemunipatnam is featured by the ruins of a 17th century fort and cemetery, and history reveals that this was a Dutch settlement earlier period. The beach, known also as 'Bheemli', is renowned as the safest and calmest location for swimmers. The beach and refreshing climate united with the agreeable nature makes it an admired beach.
Dolphin's Nose
Dolphin's Nose, a mammoth rocky headland of about 174 meter high, is situated in the southern part of Visakhapatnam city. The rock resembles a dolphin’s nose is nicely placed at an altitude of 358 meter with its projection to the Bay of Bengal in Visakhapatnam.A renowned powerful light house highly useful for the shippers and has a light beam that can be seen as far as 64 km out at sea is also placed nearby. One can have a panoramic view of the city from this place.
Gangavaram Beach
Simply spectacular, is the one word to describe the scenic Gangavaram beach located on the south of Vizag near Visakhapatnam steel plant and the beach. It is beautifully lined up with palm trees. This beach attracts many film and TV serial makers as it provides natural picturesque spots. With a picturesque coastline the steady growth of tourists is seen here. This beach with soft sands and cool breeze always provides a secluded atmosphere.
Kailasa Giri
An attractive and local favourite hill station, Kailasa Giri offers a spectacular view of the sea. It has serene and beautiful Rushikonda beach and RK beach on the left and hillock on the right. As the name suggests, the hill is Kailasa, the abode of Lord Shiva and Parvathi. As the name suggests, the hill is Kailasa, the abode of Lord Shiva and Parvathi, massive sculpture of Shiva and Parvathi is seen here.
Kondakarla Ava Beach
Kondakarla Ava beach in Kondakarla village is located in Achyutapuram mandal, a short distance from Vizag. The beach is scenic and beautiful. The biggest fresh water lake in the state is located here. The still waters of the lake bounded by coconut trees on one side and green hills all around displays a great picturesque site. The beach is known for its bird flora, the Bird Sanctuary established here has a rich diversity of bird species.
Lawson's Bay Beach
Lawson's Bay beach, also called as Pedawaltair beach, a calm serene and secluded cute beach with lusting greenery and golden sands is located close to Ramakrishna beach in the way to Kailasagiri Mount from Visakhapatnam. The majestic sea with shallow crystal clear water and calm waves here is ideal for swimming, sun bathing and surfing. The beach attracts tourists due to its picturesque and stunning scenic beauty.
Ramakrishna Beach
Located at the east coast with a largest stretch of seafront, it is a favorite and nice spot to spend the time relaxing on the softy sand. The twin beaches - Ramakrishna Beach and Lawson's Bay present the tourists will mind-blowing scenic view of the nature, especially the reddish setting sun. The submarine museum, Rishikonda Beach, the Kali Temple, VUDA Park, statues of prominent personalities, Matsyadarshini, road side restaurants and parks - all attracts visitors to this beach.
Rushikonda Beach
The lovely Rushikonda beach in Vishakhapatnam with golden sands and vast stretch of water is the best beach in Vizag. Rushikonda Beach, an ideal location to engage in water sports, is spectacular with its golden sand and the tidy waves of Bay of Bengal.Andhra Pradesh Tourism has built up beach cottages with restaurant and bar facilities. The tourist complex here is well maintained with a lodge, individual cottages, a restaurant and other amenities.
Taraka Rama Park, popularly known as VUDA (Visakhapatnam Urban Development Authority) Park, is a majestic attraction in Visakhapatnam and many tourists visit here mainly due to its amazing musical fountain. This is an ideal place for tourists especially children. Children can enjoy the Green playfields, lush green lawns, artificial caves, and flower gardens. Facilities for horse riding, skating and camel rides apart from boating are available in the park.
Kambalakonda Wildlife Sanctuary
Spanning over an area of 70 sq km with dry evergreen forest together with meadows and scrub, Kambalakonda Wildlife Sanctuary is established on the outskirts of Visakhapatnam. The Sanctuary houses many rare species of wild life animals such as panthers, sambar deer, spotted deer, barking deer, jackal, wild boar and wild dog. To have a rarest view of precious and vociferous animals in its habitat, Kambalkonda provides the worthy opportunity to its visitors.
Simhachalam, also known as Simhagiri, has its importance in its 11th century ancient Sri Varaha Lakshminarasimha Temple. Devotees coming over here steadily growing, the west facing temple has the credit of having lots of revenue making it the second richest temple in the country. The presiding deity in this most revered temple gives 'Nijaroopa Darshan' (holy appearance in true form) for only 12 hours in a year, while all other time the idol is covered with sandal wood paste.
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